Google+ Interactive Posts 

Google+ has recently released an interactive posts feature.   The interactive post feature allows Google+ users to implement a call-to-action button in their Google+ posts. 

Lawyers can use this tool to drive Google+ followers to their website, increase social shares, and develop more connections on Google+.

Read on to learn more about Google+ interactive posts and the available plugins for WordPress users.

Google+ Interactive Posts Call to Action Feature

The best feature regarding Google+ interactive posts is the call-to-action button. The call-to-action button contains a large list of options. Lawyers can request for viewers to share, learn more, bookmark, or discuss interactive posts.

Lawyers can obtain more client leads and conversions by using effective call-to-actions on Google+.   Lawyers should choose call-to-actions that create value and a sense of urgency to get their followers to take action.  Check out HubSpot’s e-book on “An Introduction to Effective Call-to-Action” for more information on how to design and use call-to-actions.

Google+ Interactive Posts WordPress Plugins

I am currently using Paul Shapiro’s Google+ Interactive Posts plugin for WordPress.  The plugin enables users to send customized interactive posts directly from their WordPress dashboard.  Users can create tailored messages from their website pages and blog posts to share on Google+.  The plugin comes with a list of call-to-action options to use for various interactive posts.

WordPress Interactive Posts is another plugin to use. This plugin allows interactive sharing of website pages and posts.  It is accompanied with a “share” button to display throughout a website.  It enables website visitors to share pages on Google+ using the interactive feature.

The downside of this plugin is that the webpage image will not display on the interactive post.  Further, no default post description will display.   For instance, when I tried to submit a post to Google+, it displayed an image not related to my webpage and no description.

Google+ Interactive Posts Benefits for Lawyers

The main benefit Google+ Interactive Posts has for lawyers is the call-to-action feature.  This feature will enable lawyers to request their viewers to do a specific task.  Google has provided a variety of call to action buttons to choose from.

Lawyers will also be able to measure the impact of their interactive posts by using the Google+ Platform insights feature.

Overall, the new interactive feature will take Google+ social engagement to the next level.  I recommend for lawyers to mix up interactive posts with regular posts.

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